Our Team

Our management team is comprised of medical thought leaders, IT entrepreneurs and financial professionals. We all share a singular passion for finding the right entrepreneurial companies and helping their teams achieve their dreams and the company its goals.


Israeli Office

  • Adv. Daniel Berman

    Adv. Daniel Berman

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  • Dr. Joseph Rosenblum

    Dr. Joseph Rosenblum
    Chief Medical Officer

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  • Talor Sax

    Talor Sax
    Managing Partner, CEO

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  • Haggai Schwartz

    Haggai Schwartz

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  • Adv. Ophir Shahaf

    Adv. Ophir Shahaf

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  • Yossi Lovton

    Yossi Lovton

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  • Michal Eshkol

    Michal Eshkol
    Legal Counsel

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  • Tali Lipszyc

    Tali Lipszyc
    Admin. Manager

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US Office

  • Stephen M Shapiro

    Stephen M Shapiro

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  • Sebastian Fainbraun

    Sebastian Fainbraun

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  • Mark Stovsky MD, MBA

    Mark Stovsky MD, MBA

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  • Tom Sudow

    Tom Sudow

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