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Clinical Problem / Unmet Need

Food Allergies are a major health hazard in the western world, growing more and more widespread every year. In the USA, food allergies cause over 200,000 emergency room visits, 29,000 out which are due to anaphylactic shock. Some 100-200 of these anaphylaxis cases end in death.

Proposed Solution

AllerGuard’s team brings a new concept– a personal Allergen sensor. One that will enable the allergic person to scan their own food before consuming it, and know themselves whether or not it is safe for them.
Our hand-held device will scan and analyze the food compounds without taking samples from solid or liquid phase, and based on the chemical and physical properties of some very specific key elements, it will indicate if peanut or tree-nuts are present in the dish.



Shai Hershkovich
Founder, VP BD