Ophthalmic Sciences

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Ophthalmic Sciences

Ophthalmic Sciences™ develops a device for measuring Intra-Ocular Pressure (IOP) by employing a novel measuring methodology that enables non-contact, fast and accurate IOP measurement by anyone, anytime and anyplace.


Clinical Problem / Unmet Need

Elevated Intra-Ocular pressure is closely correlated with Glaucoma, a devastating eye disease that is the leading cause of blindness in the elderly population. Glaucoma affects more than 3.5% of the adult population worldwide and represents a >$3B market.

Carefully controlling IOP using eye drops is the treatment of choice, but recent clinical evidence shows that eye pressure is highly variable, and proper treatment can only be achieved by measuring IOP up to several times each day.

The gold standard for measuring IOP is the Goldman Tonometer, but this must be performed by a professional, and requires anesthesia and contact with eye. It is therefore unsuitable for frequent, low cost at home measurements.

There is there for an unmet need for a low cost, safe (non-contact), fast and accurate device for measuring IOP by the patient at the patients’ home.


Proposed Solution

Ophthalmic Sciences™ IOPerfect™ IOP measuring device looks like swimmers’ goggles that are worn over the eyes. It measures IOP in a fully automatic process without contact with the eye, and without using any air jet. This is NOT a puff tonometer but rather employs a totally new measuring technique. IOP readings for both eyes are available within 30 seconds uploading the patient data to the cloud.



Ariel Weinstein, CEO