New Company Accepted at the eHealth Ventures Incubator: Games for Pain, Using Virtual Reality to Treat Chronic Pain

eHealth Ventures, the leading Digital Health technological incubator in Israel, has announced the acceptance of its 7th portfolio company – Games for Pain, managed by Dr. Elan Schneider, a US-trained Ph.D. of Physiotherapy.

Games for Pain is aimed at tackling one of the greatest health challenges facing humanity – ​Chronic pain, which in the U.S. is more widespread (affecting 20% of the population) and costlier than heart disease, diabetes, and cancer – combined. Currently, the leading treatment for this type of pain is Opioid pain medication – which is has now turned to the leading cause of addiction and accident related death for U.S. adults (i.e. “the opioid crisis / epidemic”).

The company is developing a unique technology that trains sensory perception of the body to decrease pain hypersensitivity – “switching off” some of the pain receptors. This will be an “at-home” game based sensory training platform which will integrate mobile VR environment with a low-cost wearable stimulator that is worn on the body and adaptive software algorithms that consider subjective and objective data points to customize the therapy for each individual.

Over the last decade, there was a revolution in the scientific understanding of chronic pain. It is now known that chronic pain involves a dysfunction in the neural networks that regulate the flow of pain related nerve activity, and that these networks can be rehabilitated through training, leading to decreased pain hypersensitivity. Games for Pain is dedicated to using technological innovation to translate these groundbreaking science concepts into practical and inexpensive solutions that can be used by patients in their own homes. Several research partners in the U.S., Europe, and Israel have expressed interest in collaborating with the company, and the first research study has commenced with a pain research group in Belgium

Talor Sax, CEO of eHealth Ventures: ”We are happy to have received approval for Games for Pain. The company is developing highly disruptive technology that is aimed at one of the  “burning” issues in medicine – pain treatment without the need for Opioids. We have considerable interest from our partners at Maccabi and in the US and we are positive that we can add considerable value to the highly experienced team over the incubator period and beyond”.