eHealth Ventures Invests in NERVIO, Developing AI-based Neuromonitoring

Tel-Aviv, Jan. 2nd, 2020

eHealth Ventures (, the leading Digital Health technological incubator in Israel, has announced an investment in its tenth portfolio company: NERVIO Ltd., developing a groundbreaking solution aimed at replacing neuro-monitoring based on human expertise, with artificial intelligence, making neuro-monitoring accessible for any operation room worldwide.

During complex surgical procedures, neuro-monitoring alerts the surgeon for evolving spinal cord injury and other potential neural damage. Currently, this important role is carried out by proficient neuro-physiologists interpreting and communicating a large array of data, signals and alerts from sophisticated equipment. This ‘low availability / high cost’ resource is very limited, allowing only a small subset of medical centers to utilize this critical specialty.

Dr. Omer Zarchi, co-founder of NERVIO, heads the Intraoperative Neurophysiology Service at the Rabin Medical Center & Schneider Children’s Medical Center, leaders within the Israeli healthcare ecosystem. Together with CEO, Nir Zarchi, and based on intellectual property and data accessibility provided by Clalit Health Services (Israel’s largest HMO), they have developed an innovative AI-based solution that has high classification abilities, ongoing collection of real-time data and advanced clinical intelligence – to allow real-time decision support and alerts, enabling top level neuro-monitoring for a much wider user base.

Ophir Shahaf, VP Business Development at eHealth Ventures:” We are happy to welcome NERVIO, working on a game-changing product for a highly attractive market – clinical decision support for complex surgical procedures. The sector is in need for innovative, online, AI-driven tools and the use of Digital Health technologies can serve as a powerful driver for improved clinical treatment. The collaboration with Mor Research is an important achievement for both entities, Omer and Nir are talented and experienced life science entrepreneurs and we look forward to a fruitful relationship and near-term success in development and clinical testing”.

Sharon Kaplan, Director of Medical Device Commercialization at Mor Research: “We are excited to enter this collaboration with eHealth Ventures, which emphasizes the promise of NERVIO’s technology and supports our vision of improving healthcare delivery through innovation that emerges from day-to-day challenges faced by Clalit’s medical teams.”

About eHealth Ventures:

eHealth Ventures is a multinational consortium of world-class medical organizations, industry leaders, and seasoned financial investors.  Partners include Maccabi – Israel’s leading HMO, the Israeli Innovation Authority (IIA), Amgen – a global biotechnology leader, Medison Pharma – a leading Israeli pharmaceutical distributor and SCI – a major Chinese VC fund. eHV has reviewed over 970 projects and invested in 10 innovative companies.

About Mor Research Applications

Mor Research Applications is the Technology Transfer Office of Clalit Health Services, the largest HMO in Israel, providing end-to-end technology transfer services. Mor helps inventors translate new ideas in the medical, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, medical IT, and biotechnology areas into products and solutions that benefit healthcare providers and patients.

Contact:         Nir Zarchi, CEO – NERVIO Ltd.