DermaDetect, developing a groundbreaking platform for Dermatology, launches automatic Skin Diagnosis application with Maccabi Healthcare

The pilot will enrich the company’s database and generate initial revenues, following the graduation from the eHealth Ventures incubator – the top early stage investor in Digital Health in Israel

 August 15th – Tel-Aviv. For immediate release

DermaDetect has launched a pilot for a new skin diagnosis application with Maccabi Healthcare Services – the leading healthcare provider in Israel. The company, soon to graduate from the eHealth Ventures Digital Health technological incubator, is developing a highly innovative solution for automatic diagnosis & management of non-malignant skin conditions.

The DermaDetect application allows the patient to go through a quick process of Q&A in addition to taking a photo of the skin condition. This data is anonymously analyzed by DermaDetect’s AI engine and the output is a probability score per each skin disease, sorted from highest to non-probable, returning the most probable conditions.

The pilot which was launched is one of the first cases of on-line, asynchronous Tele-dermatology in the world, allowing the physician to diagnose conditions within a highly demanded specialty as Dermatology, without requiring the patient’s presence in the clinic or having him online at the same time.

Eugene Dicker, CEO of DermaDetect: “the pilot we are launching with Maccabi is a major leap forward in proving the efficacy and commercial potential of our uniquely innovative Diagnostics application. It will allow us to collect many more valuable inputs from physicians and end users, making the solution even more accurate and attractive to Healthcare providers worldwide. We are grateful to the eHealth Ventures incubator that has helped us to establish this significant collaboration”.

Dr. Joseph Rosenblum, CMO of the eHealth Ventures incubator and Medical Director for Maccabi Entrepreneurship, commented on the pilot: “It is common knowledge that the way we practice medicine will change dramatically over the next decade. The system cannot produce enough practitioners to meet the clinical needs of the growing world. The solution lies in technology and DermaDetect demonstrates a disruptive change in the way we practice medicine. The ability to automatically detect acute skin problems and receive OTC treatment recommendations represents the future, and we are proud to be a part of it today”.

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About DermaDetect

The majority of people will develop skin abnormality during their lifetime. More than 30% will develop a significant skin disease deserving medical attention, while more than 15% will not receive proper treatment because of wrong diagnosis and/or long waiting time. Consequently, the demand for qualified dermatologists is continuously increasing, outpacing the supply and stretching dermatologists to produce more output without compromising patient care.

DermaDetect’s proprietary technology enables analysis of skin disorders by using a smartphone app, offering potential solutions and management plan. For patients –  enabling immediate diagnosis and treatment without necessarily visiting the clinic. For physicians – empowering PCPs, nurse practitioners and dermatologists, by automatically providing them clinical insights in order to enable more comprehensive & accurate outcomes, much faster. For healthcare providers – helping manage the ever-increasing workload without compromising quality of care, minimizing readmissions and costs.

About eHealth Ventures

eHealth Ventures is an Israeli Digital Health incubator established in 2016 by Maccabi Health Services, a top HMO in Israel in partnership with additional multinational leaders from the healthcare sector. The incubator has reviewed over 900 promising projects and technologies and has invested in nine disruptive companies, strategically focusing on Digital Diagnostics and Therapeutics.


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Eugene Dicker – CEO, DermaDetect