Allerguard, an eHV portfolio company, signs Letter of Intent w. Ardant Pharmaceuticals

Tel Aviv, September 9, 2020

Allerguard, an eHealth Ventures portfolio company developing a groundbreaking food allergen detector, has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Ardant Pharmaceuticals, a healthcare distribution company from the UK, that marked Allerguard as a potential leader in the field of allergen sensors.  Ardant Pharmaceuticals offers a secure landing platform for manufacturers who wish to enter the UK and EU market and help in identifying new areas of growth and potential supply.

Shai Hershkovich, CEO at Allerguard said, “In these challenging days of Covid-19, the healthcare environment is becoming more challenged. Allerguard is a good example how technology can empower people and help them become safer and healthier, and how digital health is redefining customer experiences and engagement”.

Ardant is partnered with UK leading allergy-focused marketing companies and have experience with marketing other related products through a variety of platforms which will strengthen Allerguard brand awareness across all channels, including connection to retailers and pharmacies in Europe and experience working with the NHS (National Health service).

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