Passive data challenge

In our 3rd Call for Innovation, we are partnering with the LEO Innovation Lab and looking to invent creative ways to use passive data to help improve patients’ lives, better understand chronic diseases and create better healthcare.

Submit your idea to get the chance to win a 3M NIS investment and a trip to compete globally in Copenhagen

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  What is Passive Data?

 Examples of Using Passive Data in Real Life:

Data gathered from smartphones and wearables without any extra effort on the part of the user (GPS coordinates, number of apps installed, typing speed, number of phone calls made)

 Predicting depression by tracking call and social media activity

Deciding a loan application based on how often you leave the house with 5% battery

Deciding whether it’s you logging into your account based on the angle you hold your phone and how fast you type

What are we looking for?

We’ve got FIVE tracks you can choose from – which one are you most passionate about?


Timelines of the Challenge

 Submission deadline by September 9th

 ‘Top 5’ ideas will be selected to participate in a 3 week mini-accelerator program, where to strengthen the ideas, we will introduce them to our network of partners, international VCs, global pharmaceutical companies, passive data experts, technologists, doctors and more!

Form a Winning Team

Success depends on a multidisciplinary team – pick yours well!
Here are some suggestions for members:

A scientist to help you think about the data you’ll need to solve the challenge

A developer to build the prototype of your solution and to tap into the smartphone’s passive data

A clinician to help you understand the patient’s viewpoint and how they might use your solution

Generate a Solid Hypothesis

Some things to think about…

Build Your Submission

To apply, please submit a PowerPoint presentation (10 slides max.) including:


Does my idea need to be related only to skin conditions?

We’re looking for ideas related to skin conditions in some way. For example, your solution may involve using a smartphone to detect arthritis – which is a comorbidity of psoriasis. However, some of our tracks go beyond dermatology, such as digitizing  clinical trials or predicting adherence

What data do you provide to help me build my solution?

As this is not a traditional data challenge, we don’t provide participants with any data. Rather, we’re looking for you to tell us what data you need to solve the challenge (with the help of a behavioral scientist or doctor), what the rationale is, and how you will collect the data

To win the prize, do I need to build something?

The further you’ve developed your idea (e.g., a testable prototype) the better. Having only slides and an idea will most likely not be enough to win

What if I can’t put together a complete team?

Some solutions might not require all the team members we have suggested, while others might. If you can’t assemble the right team, feel free to submit your idea and we can discuss how to help you

What are the timelines of the challenge?

Ideas must be submitted no later than September 9 (Rosh Hashanah). We will then select our top candidates and spend the month of September working closely with them in the mini-acceleration program to build on their idea. The top finalists of the acceleration program will be flown to Copenhagen to compete on a global stage and be eligible for the 3M NIS investment and incubation

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