About Us

Digital Health investing is what we do. We scout, we fund and we build value – working with the star entrepreneurs, the true innovators, the game-changers of this exciting industry. We are a consortium of world-class health care organizations and investors developing the technologies that materialize the change.

Digital technologies will revolutionize the way medicine is delivered. These are not just “beyond-the-pill” ideas. These are products, devices, hardware, software, services and applications that will greatly improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients worldwide, and the measurement of the treatment outcome.

The entire “continuum of care” is changing – from maintaining wellness and preventing disease, via novel diagnostic technologies (smart sensors, tele-monitoring), through treatment of many states of illness to post hospitalization monitoring and quality of life.


Our founding partners are Maccabi Health Services – Israel’s 2nd largest HMO, a leader in all elements of mapping market needs, development and integration of cutting edge technologies, and the Innovation Center of the Cleveland Clinic – a top-2 US medical center with 44K employees and over $ 800 M invested into 75 spin-offs. In addition – we are funded by Amgen (AMGN) – a global biopharmaceutical leader building its digital health pipeline, Medison Pharma, a leading Israeli pharmaceutical distributor, SCI – a major Chinese VC and several private investors.

We define Digital Health as a wide range of sectors: Lifestyle & wellness, mHealth, Home Care, Healthcare IT, Monitoring devices, I.o.T, Tele-health, Big Data, Image Processing, Remote Diagnostics and more.

Our network of industry leaders, KOL’s, collaborators, service providers and users, coupled with our hands on approach, allow us to not only identify these disruptive ventures, but also be hugely additive in their development, growth and eventual commercialization, providing vital support. We add value even pre-investment, as we identify the ultimate application, partners, strategy and business model.

Based in central Israel, we are part of the incubator network operated by the Innovation Authority. If you have what we seek, we are happy to meet and learn more.

We Provide Unmatched Assets, Ensuring Successful Commercialization:

  1. Global Market and Solution Validation
  2. Instant Access to Market Leaders
  3. Connection to Global Top Clinicians
  4. Clinical Feasibility and POC
  5. Business Model Generation
  6. Pilot Site Location and Performance
  7. Support: Legal, IP, Regulatory, Acct., Operations
  8. Strategic Partnerships
  9. Go-To-Market Planning and Execution
  10. Leading Follow-on Financial Rounds