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As a close partner, we allowed ourselves to include you in our trial edition of the new eHealth Ventures Newsletter. We will use this platform olio companies, and also include developments and news items from our partners and collaborators, as well as a wider view on the Digital health industry. We hope these short articles / stories will be interesting and engaging and would be happy to receive your feedback / input at info@ehealthventures.com.

The eHealth Ventures Team

Tik Talk officially starts activity within the eHV incubator
TikTalk2Me is developing a platform to assess and treat speech and pronunciation disorders. The technology is based on a closed loop system, capable of measuring, quantifying and standardizing speech and pronunciation disorders. This will be an important tool for speech therapists worldwide (first versions will be in English and Spanish). Tik Talk’s CEO, Raphi Nassi: “we are happy and proud to commence operations within the eHV incubator and look forward to aggressively develop our product while building real value through the eHV network of partnerships”.
eHealth Ventures CEO, Talor Sax, was invited as a guest speaker to the SAMED annual conference held in Johannesburg, South Africa on August 24, 2017
The presentation, on August 24th, was focused on the unique digital health ecosystem in Israel and the leading position of the eHealth Ventures incubator. The organizers were seeking a unique perspective on this attractive vertical from an active investor in the field. Following the conference, several meetings with investors and strategic partners took place. These new relationships will provide the incubator portfolio companies access to additional funding and growth markets.


Rock Health Weekly: “In the world of Digital Health, B2B business models are undergoing a major shift”
For digital health startups, it’s increasingly a B2B world—and innovators are feeling the challenges of enterprise sales. Selling to payers, providers, biopharma companies, and others is a tough game across the board. Sales cycles are long, requiring patience and a real talent for relationship building. Finding the right buyer in a big organization can be hard and disorienting, and building the pitch is tricky when talking to a complex, multi-faceted enterprise customer.

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Maccabi’s New “Aging at Home” Initiative
We have all heard about “Aging at Home” and “Aging in Place” – a popular concept for dealing with the “Silver Tsunami” expected within the next several decades. The Maccabi Group has recently decided to take the initiative to actually start a new Aging at Home service called “Beity” (“My Home”). A wide variety of services to be supplied for the elderly at home are offered, such as: handyman, personal assistant, wellbeing and lifestyle, community, culture and much more. No need to mention – innovative technology in the space is more than welcomed by the eHealth Ventures incubator.

For more information visit www.beity.co.il

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