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To the eHV community - team, partners, collaborators, entrepreneurs, friends.


As we head into the Summer (vacations, holidays, beach time), we wanted to make sure we keep you up to date on our activities and news at the incubator.


We have received approval for our 7th company and wanted to tell you more about it, and also let you know of the new Innovation Contest we are working on as part of a collaboration with a multinational pharma company on a really hot topic.


Make sure you use sunscreen and have enough reading material for the beach (this newsletter too – you can always print and use for shade…)

The eHealth Ventures Team

Games for Pain Ltd. Accepted into the eHealth Ventures Incubator
If you opened a newspaper during the last 2 years (also online…) - you have surely seen the term “Opioid Epidemic”. Opioid pain medication (the most common treatment for pain) is now the leading cause of accident-related death for U.S. adults, and the development and delivery of more effective non-pharmacological options for chronic pain treatment is high on the global public health agenda and is a top priority for the NIH and CDC.

We all know that chronic pain is one of the greatest health challenges facing humanity. In the U.S., chronic pain is more widespread (affecting 20% of the population) and costlier than heart disease, diabetes, and cancer combined.

Games for Pain is targeted at this market exactly - developing a unique technology to decrease pain hypersensitivity. This is an “at home”, platform which integrates a mobile VR environment, and adaptive software algorithms that consider subjective and objective data points to customize and personalize the therapy for each individual.

This is the first eHV company to enjoy our extended level of financing (announced earlier this year) and we are sure that this larger budget will allow the company to make significant development and clinical progress towards the commercialization of its innovative platform.
Cleveland Clinic Conference and MeetUp with the Incubator
During the first week of July, an extensive delegation from the Cleveland Clinic came to Israel to manage and present in a major Urological Bi-annual meeting named “Friends of Israel - Urological Conference”. The team from eHealth Ventures (including Talor, Yossi and Ophir) were invited to present in the conference and showcase the Israeli ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship, especially in the field of digital health.

Prior to the conference 2 of our partners from the Cleveland Clinic, Tom Sudow and Dr. Mark Stovsy, participated in a meet up which was hosted by eHV, and was focused on new delivery systems and opportunities for Digital Health in the US healthcare system. The event was widely attended, and the attendees enjoyed high level content and quality networking. This type of collaboration clearly strengthens our partnership with this leading healthcare institution and the Israeli entrepreneurs, our portfolio companies and the entire system benefits.
High Level Visits to the eHealth Ventures Incubator
During the 2nd quarter, we had a string of important visits to the incubator. We are always happy to host these as they allow us to expose the unique operational structure we have, the added value we provide and also to show the promising portfolio companies that are based here.

Following an initiative by our partner Medison Pharma, one of the key events was hosting a visit by the CEO of Biogen, Mr. Michel Vounatsos, who visited Israel with a team of senior executives. We presented the Israeli Digital Health ecosystem, the leadership position of eHV, the unique relationship with Maccabi and 5 attractive companies active in the Neuroscience space (on which Biogen is focusing its development efforts), including Games for Pain, the last company that joined the eHV incubator.

In early May, Ran Saar, CEO of Maccabi Healthcare visited the incubator as preparation for his visit to the Cleveland Clinic Innovation center. The goal of the visit was to strengthen the relationship between these 2 world leading healthcare providers and specifically to promote the collaboration around EHV-II, our future investment vehicle. During the visit Mr. Saar met with the leadership of the Cleveland clinic, took a detailed tour of the campus (from the basement through labs & hospitalization rooms to the roof rest area).

We hosted 2 delegations from China and another from India, and some important connections and follow-up relationships were created for the benefit of the incubator and some of the portfolio companies. We also presented to a delegation of Brazilian executives and we are discussing the next steps towards a possible investment.
Innovation Contest
eHealth Ventures has entered into a partnership with LEO Pharma, a multinational leader in the Pharma and drug development sector company based in Denmark and seeking to expand its activities in the field of digital health. Together with their Innovation Lab – we are planning our third innovation contest that will be focused on data collection from patients via passive devices to better understand the course of disease.

Link to registration page

We have issued a call for companies and entrepreneurs and expect over 20 applications. The top 5 will be selected into a short acceleration period and the winner will be entitled to a cash prize and a 3-month mentorship period in Copenhagen with the Leo Pharma team, In addition to a potential investment by eHV.
Value-Adding Lectures at the Incubator
Once a month, on the last Thur., we like to “wind down” and relax. This is a great time to have a beer and sit down with our extended team - companies, entrepreneurs, partners, collaborators and invite an external speaker to shed light on a topic this is interesting and relevant to all of us.

Please see this as an open invitation to join on these TGIT gatherings. Just show up and grab a beer…

To be more concrete - here is a short summary of the last few talks, so you can get a flavor of what you have been missing so far…

Adv. Asa Kling
Adv. Asa Kling, the former head of the Israeli IP Authority talked about IP strategy and tactics for early stage companies, especially in the AI space. Obviously, beer and pizza made the content and networking more pleasurable.

Boston MEDTECH advisors
David Baron, Founder and CEO of Boston MEDTECH advisors, a leading consulting firm based in the US, gave a presentation about accessing the US healthcare Market.

Chen Sirkis, Presentation
Chen Sirkis, Founder and CEO of Cadensee, a leading Marketing & Creative studio shared an interesting talk about positioning of life science companies, marketing, presentations and other means to convey a message.

Guy Vinograd, the founder and CEO of Softimize gave a discussion about integrating software into medical devices for IOT product development.
Record Quarter for Digital Health Deals
We continue to closely follow the sectors, numbers and sizes of deals I the Digital Health sector and are happy to see that the record-breaking trend is continuing.
See the attached bar graph for more details.
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